Sagntid - The Slipstream World of Sagntid. Full-lenght 2009.
This is only a promotional copy of the full-length, Sagntid is looking for a label to do a proper release of the album. Sagntid is a Danish one man band, the brain child of J. N. (also known as Svest from such bands as Forlis, Sick Room 7 and Vornoff). This is Sagntid's first full-length album, three demos and one split with Vornoff have also been released. "The Slipstream World of Sagntid" contains seven tracks of Dark Ambient music. The music is pretty well founded in Dark Ambient, with a lot of different layers of keyboard driven music, but there are also a lot of guitar parts in the music, ranging from quite heavily distorted stuff to pretty clean guitar work. Like I said in my previous Sagntid review, the music is quite cinematic, there is a dramatic quality to the music and a style of arranging the music that lends it self to the visual. At times Sagntid's music reminds me of Bo Hansson's music (Swedish Progg artist from the seventies that made music inspired by “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy). This is not bad at all, maybe not something that I will listen to every day but something I will pull out of the CD collection when on one of those grey, long, lonesome winter nights.

Review by: Mordant.

Band: Sagntid