Sagntid - Where the Black Dogs Cease to Bark. Demo-CDR 2009.
This is the latest release from this Danish one-man band. Sagntid started in 2002 and have since four demos (this demo included), one split (with Varnoff) and a full-length has been recorded and they are looking for labels to release it. Many of the other Sagntid releases have been reviewed elsewhere on this website. "Where the Black Dogs Cease to Bark" contains one long track, well over 18 minutes long, almost 19 minutes long (plus a hidden track) with the same title as the demo. The track is a very slow, monotonous piece of music. As it plods along on a very leisurely pace it develops and builds, there is no real crescendo but more instruments and themes are introduced as this songs develops. There is also a lot of repletion in the music. It is based around a few parts on the keyboard with some samples, some guitar parts and a some spoken parts. All in all a very good track with a dark and gloomy atmosphere. I will not go into the hidden track, but I do believe that the track has originally appeared on the full-length "The Slipstream World of Sagntid". If you are into dark Ambient this might be for you.

Review by: Mordant.

Band: Sagntid